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Santorini with a baby or toddler list of the 5 Top Frequently Asked Questions

Santorini with a baby or toddler list of the 5 Top Frequently Asked Questions

Since I often receive messages from parents who are planning to visit Santorini with a baby or toddler I decided to write an article listing the 5 Top Frequently Asked Questions.
1) How easy is to find diapers and formula milk?
You can find worldwide known brands like Pampers and Libero in every Super Market or Pharmacy. You will also find the Greek Brand Babylino that is often cheaper but has nothing to be jealous of others as it concerns quality. You can also find easily Formula Milk in every super market or grocery store, but expect it be more expensive and often with different commercial names. For example the brand Aptamil you will find it in Greece as Almiron and the Cow and Gate you will find it as Aptamil… Confusing? I thought so too, when I needed it for my daughter when I first arrived to the island with her. One more thing, in case you need a special Formula Milk like Hungry Milk, Anti-Reflux, Comfort, Lacrose Free, Soya Formula etc. Don’t search it in the grocery store, you will probably find it in a Pharmacy. Or contact me if you can’t.
2) Should I bring my stroller?
Everybody knows that in Santorini there are many hilly cobblestone streets and steps so this is why a lot of people regret lugging their stroller through the airport. But attention! This is only to the Cliff side of the island. The other side is flat and you would love to have a stroller with you. My advice? Use a sling or baby carrier while traveling and rent a stroller only for the days you need it from Santorini Travel Tots. You have this option, I didn’t when I needed it.
3) Car transportation and car seats
The good news is that it is possible to arrange a transfer from the airport or port to your hotel with a car seat and yes the car rental agencies do offer, with a daily charge or sometimes free of charge, a car seat. The bad news is that very few of these agencies will deliver you a clean, well maintained or of the proper age range car seat. But you, again, do have the option Santorini Travel Tots, I didn’t when I needed it.
4) Where to stay Many Hotels on the cliff side don’t accept children under the age of 13 years old mostly for security reason or because they are couples only. But many others do. You will though have to keep in mind that it is almost impossible to avoid the steps and that you will have to be extra careful and constantly supervise your children since it can be very dangerous due to the particular architecture on the cliff. A lot of families however choose the flat areas like Monolythos, Kamari, Perissa and Perivolos also because there are close to the beach.
In case you need it, yes you can contact Santorini Travel Tots, I will be happy to assist you finding a family friendly accommodation.
5) What about activities and hikes?
Keep in mind that during summer the weather is very hot. So if you are thinking of carrying you baby in a sling protecting it only with a hat and sun screen I am telling you not to do it unless it is early in the morning or after 18:30 in the afternoon . Avoid the hike between Fira and Oia or climbing the volcano. The sun just beats down on you and it would be really hard to protect your baby. I wouldn’t also recommend visiting ancient Thira with your baby for the same reason. Need assistance for baby friendly activities? Do contact me.
Santorini Travel Tots have been created out of a need and the desire to help parents remember the enjoyable vacation they had in our island and not the hassle.
Olga Kosmidou founder and owner of Santorini Travel Tots, Baby Gear Rental and Family Concierge Services

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