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Is Santorini stroller friendly?

Is Santorini stroller friendly?

In almost every family travel blog and forum I visit I read about parents who advice other parents to travel with their sling or baby carrier only to Santorini, as the island is not stroller friendly at all!
And as a mom who lives on this island I am telling you that this is only partially true! I will tell you my story… 3 years ago when I first visited the island with my daughter, who was at the time 8 months old, I was thinking the same thing. So I decided to only take the sling and carry my daughter through the little alleys of Santorini and walk up and down the steps as my daughter was not so heavy so I would have been greatly able to do so…
As soon as I arrived I realized that I made a huge mistake NOT to take the stroller with me. (At that time there was no baby gear rental agency on the island and finding a stroller was actually impossible).
My daughter was not so easy to carry after all, with the heat and the time passing she was becoming heavier and heavier for me and as for her, she desperately needed her space, her reclining stroller, with the sun cover so she could rest and sleep peacefully while we were out and about.
I tried very hard and everywhere to borrow one or even to buy but unsuccessfully. That was also the time I decided that something had to be done about it so when we moved back again to the island for good I created Santorini Travel Tots the one and only baby gear rental on the island! So moms and dads you don’t have to worry anymore, now in Santorini you can find anything you need!
Lets talk about the <> Santorini streets now. Yes it is true that if you want to visit every corner of the caldera you will encounter hundreds of steps. But this is only the 20% of the island and not necessarily you have to do it. You can still enjoy the view from the main paths of Fira, Oia, Imerovigli or Firostefani without having to climb any steps at all and even if you want to explore further it is possible to do it also with your stroller or one of our strollers. The perfect combination I recommend is the “Pockit stroller” that folds so small to fit on a backpack and the “BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One” you can find both products on our website:

Enjoy your stroller hikes with Santorini Travel Tots.

Olga Kosmidou founder and owner of Santorini Travel Tots

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