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Babies on board sailing tours barca sailing

Babies on board sailing tours barca sailing

Sailing with children.

Listening to my husband, Captain Yiannis, saying about another cruise with children among passengers, I can’t help but notice how his eyes are sparkling when he describes the kids’ enthusiastic reaction to the short sailing lessons he provides on board.

Any kid, boy or girl, would love to grab the wheel and drive the boat or give an order to the crew to take up the sails. Children are naturally open to any kind of new experience and they embrace sailing as something magical. Captain Yiannis, having created a sailing school for children in Piraeus many years ago, still has the passion to teach and show the art of sailing to the young audience during the sailing cruises with his yacht “Barca” in Santorini.
First time, we took our twin babies on a cruise when they were 5 months old. Like any mom, I was worried a lot and at the same time I desperately needed a break from home routine. To my surprise, nothing terrible happened. My anxieties at the beginning of the trip were grown less, with each passing moment. The babies slept “like a baby” on the deck, in their car seats, which you can easily rent from, so I could swim and sunbath on the deck. They ate with appetite without disturbing the other passengers and happily browsed around. Five hour excursion, passed with a blink of an eye. I have to admit that I really enjoyed it and so did my beloved ones, even though at first glance I was little bit hesitant.
For older kids, Captain Yiannis has all the navigational aids along with snorkeling gear. The kids adapt perfectly to the new environment and incorporate their fresh experiences into a fantasy world of their own. At anchor, the boat became a giant playground. They learn how to jump from the boat deck into the inviting clear water below, where they swim like dolphins. Playing pirates is something that we do almost in every cruise, especially if the kids are present.
The advantages are not only about the sailing itself, but the way the family connects and lives the same experience. Undoubtedly, your toddler will love the sea breeze and your teen will discover a whole new world, without the existence of the phone/internet for being amused and your family will keep dear memories of everything that sailing trip entails.
Lena Barca

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  1. Olga Kosmidou says:

    Great article Lena! I totally agree! Nothing better for the children than the connection with nature. Sailing with children is creating lifetime memories.

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