Delicious food, multi-award winning wines and family friendly?

Santorini with a baby or toddler list of the 5 Top Frequently Asked Questions
Santorini with baby, 5 Top Frequently Asked Questions
Travelling to Athens with your kids? No need to bring your baby gear!
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“Aroma Avlis”. A restaurant with a courtyard which travels us back to our childhood!

“Aroma Avlis”. A restaurant with a courtyard which travels us back to our childhood!

Yes, all this is possible at “Aroma Avlis”. A restaurant with a courtyard which travels us back to our childhood! Welcoming, cheerful, full of plants, flowers and the scent of herbs.
It is the only place in Santorini where an excellent restaurant is combined with an award-winning winery, the Artemis Karamolegos Winery, with a wine tasting yard and wine shop.
But this is not all, Artemis Karamolegkos, father himself of 5 wonderful children, knows very well how to create a family friendly environment. The entire property is carefully designed to satisfy the needs of your family through various gastronomic projects and innovations. ”Amazing
In our philosophy, our children is our priority. The amazing playground of 100 square meters is a starting point, where they can express their creativity and imagination. Its proximity to the vineyard and the fields, where we plant our seasonal vegetables and fruits, the scent of flowers, the cool breeze and the view to the eastern coastline of the island, constitute the ideal scenery for them, as well as for their parents who can relax and enjoy this unique experience.
In this short invitation, we should not forget the existence of all the needed facilities for families with babies and small children (high chairs, kid friendly bathrooms and more). ”high
Furthermore, we should stress that our team is devoted to ensure that kids will not only have a great time, but will also eat healthy and tasty dishes, based on fresh ingredients, more than carefully selected for them.
Parents are not “neglected”, since they can savor delicious tastes, accompanied with the best wines from all over Greece. They can also “play” by participating in cooking classes, under the guidance of our talented chefs.
Finally, the halls and terraces are so spacious that smokers or non-smokers can choose the suitable spot for them and their beloved ones.

Margarita Zacharioudaki – Karamolegou
Restaurant Manager at Aroma Avlis • Food & Wine
Business Support at Artemis Karamolegos Winery Santorini

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