The Smile of the Child Voluntary Organization for Children, Children’s Play Area

Choosing a Family Friendly Hotel When you travel with kids
Choosing a Family Friendly Hotel
Family friendly hotel in Santorini, what makes your property suitable for families with small children?
Family friendly hotel in Santorini, what makes your property suitable for families with small children?
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The Smile of the Child Voluntary Organization for Children Play Area

The Smile of the Child Voluntary Organization for Children Play Area

An Innovative approach
Flying with kids can be a challenge, particularly when there are flight delays and long
layovers. Since February 2002 the Organization “The Smile of the Child” has set up a
colourful Play Area that provides young passengers with a feast of fun and creative play
during their stay.
The Play Area is supervised and operates, daily from 9:00-20:30, free of charge.
Designed for children from 18 months -7 years old, it offers a variety of age-appropriate
activities that they can rarely be found in any other Airports. Children are encouraged to
play imaginatively and creatively in a safe play space that is child-friendly and filled with
toys that spark their imagination and creativity.
Total number of Visitors (February 2002-Αugust 2017): 73.800
Activities offered:
• Art &Craft
• Painting
• Role Playing Activities
• Board Games & puzzles
• Interactive Storytelling
• Augmented Reality Books
• Children’s Books in several languages
• Lego Construction Blocks
• Soft Play Area
• Various Educational Toys
Visitor’s Book Ηighlights
Great idea and very well organized and managed. My daughter
did not want to leave anymore! Best practice of all European
airports I visited. Congratulations, well done! Manuela C, Paris.
Τι όμορφος χώρος και τι ζεστή φιλοξενία. Από τώρα και στο
εξής τούτος ο παιδότοπος θα γίνει απαραίτητη στάση κάθε
φορά που θα βρισκόμαστε στο αεροδρόμιο της Αθήνας. Καλή
συνέχεια! Διαμαντής και γονείς, Θεσσαλονίκη.
Αν δεν υπήρχε ο παιδότοπος του “ Χαμόγελου του Παιδιού” στο
αεροδρόμιο, η αναμονή μας επί 6 ώρες λόγω αναβολής της
πτήσης μας θα ήταν εφιάλτης με ένα μωρό 21 μηνών!!!
Ευχαριστούμε για την πολύ διασκεδαστική φιλοξενία και για το πολύ εξυπηρετικό
και φιλικό προσωπικό σας! Ευχόμαστε το
Χαμόγελο του παιδιού να συνεχίσει να βοηθά
τόσο αποτελεσματικά την ελληνική Κοινωνία
και τα παιδάκια που το έχουν ανάγκη!
Ευχαριστούμε πολύ Στέλιος Ν., Χριστίνα Δ.,
Βάνα., Αθήνα
Μuchas gracias por hacer a mis ninos felices
est rato.Lo han parado muy bien. Es el
cumpleanos de Melisa y ahora se va muy
contenta porque aunque este en al aeropuerto, siente que ha celebrado su
cumpleanos jugando y con esa preciosa tarta que le habeis hecho.Gracias Saludos
Ines, Henk, Eric y Melisa, Madrid.
Ευχαριστούμε πολύ το προσωπικό του
παιδότοπου για την τέλεια ώρα που
περάσαμε περιμένοντας την πτήση μας.
Άψογος χώρος και επαγγελματίες στο να
μπαίνουν στην καρδιά των μικρών και
μεγάλων επισκεπτών. Στέφανος – Μάκης,
Great children’s play area! Very beautiful
decoration and colors. A lot of toys, books,
puzzles, dolls. Children can play or paint and
get fun! Maria is a very nice person, very kind
with our daughters and responsible. Very
lovely place to play and fun! Very
recommended. From Alfaro family from
Eμείς έχουμε τρία κοριτσάκια. Είναι η 2η
που επισκεπτόμαστε τον όμορφο αυτό χώρο.
Τα παιδιά μας περνάνε ποιοτικά τον χρόνο
τους με ωραίες δραστηριότητες. Είναι η Αναστασία 7,75 χρονών, η Σταυριάνα 5
και η Έλενα 3,5.Και για τις τρεις τους είναι ο κατάλληλος χώρος να περάσουν πιο
ωραία τις λίγες ώρες αναμονής για το επόμενο αεροπλάνο. Συγχαρητήρια για το
έργο σας και την σωστή επίβλεψη των παιδιών μας. Πέτρος, Χανιά
Thank you very much. We had a lovely time. That’s nice and important that you are
doing this! Svetlana and Xenia, from Moscow
Ο μαγικός αυτός κόσμος για τα παιδιά μας ήταν μια πολύ ευχάριστη έκπληξη για
εμάς τους γονείς που ευχαριστιόμαστε να βλέπουμε τα μικρά μας χαμογελαστά
σε περιβάλλον καθαρό, πολύχρωμο με πληθώρα παιχνιδιών υψηλών
προδιαγραφών και ευμενέστατο προσωπικό ο ρόλος του οποίου δεν είναι η
φύλαξη αλλά η δημιουργική απασχόληση των μικρών φίλων. Ευχαριστούμε!
Μαριάννα και Λευτέρης, Πάτρα
Thank a lot for a wonderful children’s place! A very good initiative. We enjoyed!
Mads, Germany
I wish to thank Τhe Smile of the Child Organization for their
efforts to organize such a lovely playroom for the kids. This
playroom is such a wonderful idea to make travelling a
pleasure, stimulating and educational experience for the
children. They should have more areas like this in
international airports. Thank you very much for the warm
welcome! Michelle E and Liby E., California, U.S.A
Ευχαριστούμε Tο Χαμόγελο Tου Παιδιού, όχι μόνο για το
ευχάριστο διάλλειμα που μας προσέφερε, αλλά και για το
τόσο σημαντικό έργο που μας προσφέρει τόσα χρόνια!
Καλή συνέχεια! Σοφία & Λουίζα, Ελλάδα- Σουηδία,
Oggi ‘e il compleanno di Eleonora e stiamo tornado in Italia
dopo una belissima vacanza a Naxos. Ele e Giulia hanno giocato un po’ in attesa del
volo. Grazie di tutto. Enrica,Italy
Hola!!! Muchas gracias por todo. Este lugar es genial. SI volvemos a Grecia, seguro
gue volveremos. Muchas gracias a Marina.Isabel , Kervyn de Belgica,
We have been here for the second time now and our daughter really enjoyed it. It is
great that there is a place for children like this in the airport. Thank you very much.
Elena and Johannes, Berlin, Germany.
This is the 1st time I encounter a place like this in an
airport. It should be the norm all over the world! Very
pretty little place for kids and parents and it just has
such a pleasant calm and happy vibe. The caretakers
are equally amazing , one of them even spoke Spanish
and was able to communicate with our little 2 year old
girl, engage her actively and lovingly too. I am so
surprised. This place is like an oasis in the usual
airport madness. Thank you so much for a great
experience! Great way to start our vacation in Greece!
David, Nina and Kai.
What an amazing area for children to amuse
themselves with! From all the airports I have travelled,
I have never seen such an organized, clean environment, this just what Australia
needs! Well done, I wish you all the best in the continuation of such a wonderful
environment for children to learn, play and relax. Paula, Torah and James from
Melbourne Australia.”
Children and airports. What an exciting combination! There is nothing to match the
glazed look, a mix of fatigue, jet lag and unusual airline food sitting uneasily in the
stomach, to really bring out the best in a child. And nothing like the promise of
many more hours to endure, to spread a smile
across a parent’s face. And so against this
backdrop of- at best-human mediocrity, a real
playground with lovely toys. Clear fixtures and a
helpful attendant, seems like a veritable oasis.
Truly, it is more than I had dreamed of and a
source of stories that I will be sharing with my
fellow parent-travellers and generations to
come. Casey M. ,New Jersey
Un endroit charmant, où il est difficile de partir. Tellement on s’amuse. Merci pour le
chaleureux accueil. Elise.France
Πολύ ωραίος και προσεγμένος χώρος με
πολύ καλά εκπαιδευμένο προσωπικό. Σας
ευχαριστούμε πολύ για την ευχάριστη
παρέα και σαφώς τα θερμότερα
συγχαρητήρια για το έργο του
«Χαμόγελου του Παιδιού». Ευχόμαστε να
συνεχίσετε πάντα έτσι, δημιουργικά και
με γνώμονα την αγάπη για το παιδί! Nίκος
& Σοφία, Aθήνα
Σήμερα πέρασα πάρα πολύ ωραία γιατί παίξαμε με δύο είδη Lego, χτίσαμε
κατασκευές με θέμα καταφύγια ζώων υπό εξαφάνιση και πέρασα πολύ ευχάριστα
χάρη στην φιλία με τους φίλους μου και τη συνεργασία μας. Θα ήθελα πολύ να
σας ξαναεπισκεφτώ…!! Λευτέρης 7 ετών Αθήνα.
What a nice playroom. My three sons had a great time with colouring, drawing and
even some lessons in Greek mythology, and making puzzles. Thank you very much.
Angela M., Joris and Thyme. Norway
This was a perfect place for the
children to spend joyful and
interesting time. Besides we get
to know about the voluntary
organization and they deserve
good luck! Gilbert, Chris &
Matthias from Sweden
We were just walking by to waste
time and found this amazing place
for my boys to play. They had a
great time playing with toys, puzzles and drawing. Stuff for all ages. The lady here is
very nice. She played with my kids and kept them entertained. We are very glad to
have found this place! It is wonderful. Youssef, Hanan, Mohamed, Moussa and
Ibrahim, Canada
Eddie loved coming to this place area, especially the mother trucks, and the staff are
very friendly and helpful. Amazing to see all the artwork made by previous children,
adorning the walls. Clearly the staff is very creative! We were made to feel very
welcome. Trish, U.K
Very helpful and polite workers, safe environment and variety of the toys. Maybe it
is better than being more energetic and exited. Very funny and applicable. Thanks a
lot. Masoud P. from Iran.
Thank you for welcoming us to play here in this wonderful place where children
truly smile. My children enjoyed their time here sand I could relax for a little while.
Lovely idea and great host. Thank you. Mira, Fadi & Sandy, Sweden
Pleasantly surprised to see a children’s play area an airport. Absolutely friendly staff
and spell bound by the bungee of toys, puzzles, activities. Avery good initiative and
a big thumb up to the brains behind the initiative. My kid had totally loved it and
wanted us to stay back here all day. It’s not easy to leave the place, however, they
made the exit very smooth by offering a return gift that my kid loved totally. We will
always remember this experience. Love and warm regards. Lovely Brishna, Visala
and Ashrit,
Thank you for having this opportunity available to the public. It’s great stimulation
for children to release some frustration from travelling through creative play. Great
work –Thanks again. Emma,P, Cardiph south Wales.

We love the Play Area you have created. The most child friendly service ever! So rare to find it in an airport! Thank you so much for your hospitality and smiles.
Olga Kosmidou
Owner and Founder of Santorini Travel Tots Baby Gear Rental

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