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What should I do if my child cries during a flight?

What should I do if my child cries during a flight?

Plane travel with babies and toddlers can be trying, so brace yourself ahead of time for the challenge. Try to be well rested before the trip to keep your nerves from fraying too fast.
Pack extra food, bottles, toys, and comfort objects in your diaper bag — you may need every trick in the book to keep your youngster happy and occupied while you’re in transit. Even if you rarely give your toddler candy, this may be the time to nip a crying jag in the bud with a surprise lollipop or treat. Be sure to nurse or feed your child at takeoff and landing, since sucking and swallowing help relieve painful ear pressure. If your baby suffers from persistent colic, you may want to postpone your trip (if possible) until it subsides.
If your child won’t stop crying, pick him up and walk around the plane once you’re in the air. Take him to the back of the plane and hold him up so he can look at the window. The view — and new surroundings — may distract him enough to calm him down, and the hum of the engine helps to mask the crying as you move about the plane. Try to ignore the glares and rude comments you may get from some passengers; chances are you’ll earn sympathy from others when they see you dutifully pacing the aisles trying to soothe your baby.

Laura Sutherland
family travel writer


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