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santorini diving with kids

santorini diving with kids

Discover the lost city of Atlantis with your kids!

Diving can be an unforgettable activity for families, why? Kids love animals, nature and water! Children can start from the age of 8years old to "bubble making", there is no need of previous experience just basic swimming skills and a great will to have fun!

Santorini is a perfect place for diving in family; the water conditions are usually very good. There is an approximate 30metres visibility and there are no strong currents! There is a lot to see, barracudas, groupers, moraines, sea horses and sea stars, sea brims, octopus, corals, lava formations, wrecks... The underwater world of Santorini worth to be discover! Children can start from the age of 8years old to "bubble making"”

Atlantis Dive Centre own its name to the many expeditions carried out in Santorini looking for the mythical “Lost Atlantis”. Apostolos Stylianopoulos, head and heart of Atlantis dive centre had the honor to meet Pierre Yves-Cousteau, the youngest son of the great explorer Jacques Y-ves Cousteau, Pierre carries the same passion with his father and now is leading “Cousteau Divers”. Pierre spent a summer in Santorini improving his diving skills and then the friendship with Apostolos began. Together they dreamed about a Marine Protected Area on the cost of Santorini to ensure the future of some species, that dream is step by step becoming reality.

What we use to do is a diving trip staring at 9am from our dive shop and we are back at 13:30pm. We visit two different dive sites and we offer a little snack and fresh water between the dives. A qualified instructor will be always with you, our groups are small to make it safer. Best dive sites are located around Caldera and Volcanic islands; you will dive among reefs, wrecks, caves and lava formations…
To make it easier for families we provide all the equipment you need. Wetsuits, Bcds, masks, boots, fins, tanks... You just need to bring your swimming costume! We also offer free pick up and drop off from all the hotels of the island.”Discover the lost city of Atlantis with your kids”

Apostolos often comments that if a child starts on its early age to dive will probably develop a passion for this practice that will become a beloved hobby if not the center of its future holidays and a great opportunity to promote healthy life style.

Last but not least, it is also a good way to raise awareness about the preservation of our environment, we always talk about the importance of keeping our beaches clean, as Cousteau use to say ”The underwater world of Santorini worth to be discover! Santorini sea horse.”
"We protect what we love, we love what we know", by showing to our children the marine life we are ensuring a better future.

Marta Fortes Vilaltella, recreational diver, co-owner of Atlantis Dive Centre and mom.
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  1. Santorini Travel Tots says:

    Santorini is beautiful by land, air, sea, underwater everywhere! We are blessed to live here. Thank you Marta for this wonderful article.

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